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What is Text Disguise?

Simply put, Text Disguise is a Human Interactive Proof. What is a Human Interactive Proof? It is a method of telling human users apart from computers (or, also known as "bots"). By presenting a CAPTCHA-image to a user, it requires that a living, breathing, thinking person be at the keyboard - interacting with your web site.

Many applications need the security of knowing that the "thing" interacting with them is, in fact, a real live person capable of thinking who is responsible for the interaction.

NOTICE! 10/1/2013

Making good use of the government shutdown, I decided to keep the service alive and running. I had to port the database from SQL Server to MySQL to stop incurring a monthly cost with it. But, I won't be discontinuing it after all.

Why Text Disguise?

Text Disguise saw this problem that plagued many sites and went in search of a solution. The solution came in the form of CAPTCHA-images. We've already tackled the difficult task of image generation and distortion. And, with security in mind - we've developed an API that never actually transfers the word to your server, or to the user's browser - eliminating any fear of someone/something listening in on the conversation and avoids the pitfalls associated with trying to encrypt the word and persist it on the client-side.

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